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Nimbus Marketing is the top Los Angeles SEO and internet marketing specialists! At Nimbus, we’re out there to get You up there!

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A deliberately planned city that was built expressly to house the seat of government superseding a capital city that was in an established population center There have been various reasons for this including overcrowding in that major metropolitan area and the desire to place the capital city in a location with a better climate (usually a less tropical one). . Captain Charles A May's squadron of the 2nd Dragoons slashes through the Mexican Army lines Resaca de la Palma Texas May 9 1846. During the ensuing battle the U.S breached a wall of the church and directed cannon fire into the interior inflicting many casualties and killing about 150 rebels They captured 400 more men after close hand-to-hand fighting Only seven Americans died in the battle. 4.8 Demobilization and resignation Washington D.C. Business Directory, Main article: List of federal judges appointed by Abraham Lincoln, A minority of uncertain size tried to stay neutral in the war Most kept a low profile but the Quakers were the most important group to speak out for neutrality especially in Pennsylvania the Quakers continued to do business with the British even after the war began and they were accused of being supporters of British rule "contrivers and authors of seditious publications" critical of the revolutionary cause the majority of Quakers attempted to remain neutral although a sizeable number nevertheless participated to some degree; 9.2 Social context More than 20,000 injured or ill soldiers received treatment in an array of permanent and temporary hospitals in the capital including the U.S Patent Office and for a time the Capitol itself Among the notables who served in nursing were American Red Cross founder Clara Barton and Dorothea Dix who served as superintendent of female nurses in Washington Novelist Louisa May Alcott served at the Union Hospital in Georgetown Poet Walt Whitman served as a hospital volunteer and in 1865 would publish his famous poem "The Wound-Dresser." the United States Sanitary Commission had a significant presence in Washington as did the United States Christian Commission and other relief agencies the Freedman's Hospital was established in 1862 to serve the needs of the growing population of freed slaves, 4.2.5 United States Capitol Police, Slave rebellions Joint sessions of the United States Congress occur on special occasions that require a concurrent resolution from both House and Senate These sessions include counting electoral votes after a presidential election and the president's State of the Union address the constitutionally mandated report normally given as an annual speech is modeled on Britain's Speech from the Throne was written by most presidents after Jefferson but personally delivered as a spoken oration beginning with Wilson in 1913 Joint Sessions and Joint Meetings are traditionally presided over by the speaker of the House except when counting presidential electoral votes when the vice president (acting as the president of the Senate) presides. Anti-slavery elements fought for the exclusion of slavery from any territory absorbed by the U.S in 1847 the House of Representatives passed the Wilmot Proviso stipulating that none of the territory acquired should be open to slavery the Senate avoided the issue and a late attempt to add it to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was defeated.[by whom?]. .

Lincoln in 1857 4.8 Demobilization and resignation Bureau of Engraving and Printing portrait of Lincoln as president, Main article: Abraham Lincoln assassination. Mary Todd Lincoln wife of Abraham Lincoln age 28 Lincoln General Hospital In 1641 Massachusetts became the first colony to authorize slavery through enacted law. Massachusetts passed the Body of Liberties which prohibited slavery in many instances but allowed slaves to be held if they were captives of war if they sold themselves into slavery or were purchased elsewhere or if they were sentenced to slavery as punishment by the governing authority the Body of Liberties used the word "strangers" to refer to people bought and sold as slaves; they were generally not English subjects Colonists came to equate this term with Native Americans and Africans.