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Via Cascina Fabbrica 31 A, Arena Po 27040, Lombardia, Pavia, Italy

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1 Washington D.C during the early stages of the War Reference to the Rio Grande boundary of Texas was omitted from the US Congress's annexation resolution to help secure passage after the annexation treaty failed in the Senate President Polk claimed the Rio Grande boundary and when Mexico sent forces over the Rio Grande this provoked a dispute. . Morrill Tariff The selection of a location for the capital resurfaced in the summer of 1790 At the same time Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton was pushing for Congress to pass a financial plan a key provision of Hamilton's plan involved the Federal government assuming states' debts incurred during the American Revolutionary War Northern states had accumulated a huge amount of debt during the war amounting to 21.5 million dollars and wanted the federal government to assume their burden the Southern states whose citizens would effectively be forced to pay a portion of this debt if the Federal Government assumed it balked at this proposal Some states including Virginia had paid almost half of their debts and felt that their taxpayers should not be assessed again to bail out the less provident Further they argued that the plan exceeded the scope of the new Constitutional government James Madison then a representative from Virginia led a group of legislators from the south in blocking the provision and preventing the plan from gaining approval.

Via Cascina Fabbrica 31 A, Arena Po 27040, Lombardia, Pavia, Italy

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